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  1. 6-Cell 49Wh mAh 11.1V MSI GX720 Battery, Replacement for MSI GX720 Laptop Battery

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  3. £ QTY:2-10
    £ QTY:11-20
    £ QTY:20+
  4. Product Brand: For MSI Laptop Battery
  5. P/N Number: GX720
  6. Battery Type: Li-ion
  7. Voltage: 11.1V
  8. Capacity : 49Wh mAh
  9. Color : Black
  10. Dimension : 165.30 x 85.00 x 20.31 mm
  11. Net Weight : 328g

high-quality replacement laptop battery for msi gx720 that's designed to meet manufacturer specs. Tested to ensure 100 percent compatibility.replacement batteries come with a full 1 year warranty and offer the highest quality and performance available.This MSI GX720 Battery offers 49Wh mAh of power while fitting flush with your laptop. Top of the line Grade A cells powers this battery so you can rest assured your battery will last.

1. Li-Ion Laptop Battery 10.8V and 11.1V are in common use.
2. Li-Ion Laptop Battery 14.4V and 14.8V are in common use.

  • Brand New MSI GX720 Laptop Battery,100% Manufacture Compatible!
  • High-quality li-lon cells, safe and convenient
  • Over charge and discharge, detection protection
  • Aging-Test for every battery for dell laptop before packing
  • No memory effect, 500-800 times for charging and discharging

  • Our Advantages:
  • 1.Our firm have a good channel for procurement.all the cells purchase from Japanese SANYO,SONY and Korea SAMSUNG'A-certificate OEM.
  • 2.Our every PCB must pass strictly test, until them reach to 100% compliant.
  • 3.Using advanced cell technology and quality parts, the dell xps l502x battery guarantees the stamina you need for long work sessions and travel.
  • 4.We have got CE , ROHS ,FCC,UL certificates.
  • Replace Part Number:
    MSI 906C5040F, MSI 916C4950F, MSI 957-14XXXP-103, MSI 957-14XXXP-107, MSI BTY-M61, MSI BTY-M65, MSI BTY-M66, MSI BTY-M67, MSI BTY-M68, MSI CBPIL44, MSI CBPIL48, MSI CBPIL72, MSI CBPIL73, MSI M660BAT-6, MSI M660NBAT-6, MSI SQU-424, MSI SQU-503, MSI SQU-511, MSI SQU-523, MSI SQU-524, MSI SQU-528, MSI SQU-529, MSI SQU-601, MSI SQU-605, MSI SQU-706, MSI SQU-718
    Fits Model:
    MSI CR400, MSI CR400X, MSI CR420, MSI CR420X, MSI CX410, MSI CX420, MSI CX420X, MSI CX420MX, MSI EX400, MSI EX400X, MSI EX410, MSI EX460, MSI EX460X, MSI EX465, MSI EX465X, MSI EX600, MSI EX600X, MSI EX610, MSI EX610X, MSI EX620, MSI EX620X, MSI EX623, MSI EX623X, MSI EX625, MSI EX625X, MSI EX628, MSI EX628X, MSI EX629, MSI EX629X, MSI EX630, MSI EX630X, MSI EX720, MSI EX720X, MSI GE600, MSI GE600X, MSI GX400, MSI GX400X, MSI GX403, MSI GX403X, MSI GX600, MSI GX600X, MSI GX610, MSI GX610X, MSI GX620, MSI GX620X, MSI GX623, MSI GX623X, MSI GX630, MSI GX630X, MSI GX633, MSI GX633X, MSI GX640, MSI GX640X, MSI GX675, MSI GX675X, MSI GX677, MSI GX677X, MSI GX720, MSI GX720X, MSI GX730, MSI GX730X, MSI GX740, MSI GX740X, MSI GT627, MSI GT627X, MSI GT628, MSI GT628X, MSI GT640, MSI GT640X, MSI GT720, MSI GT720X, MSI GT725, MSI GT725X, MSI GT729, MSI GT729X, MSI GT735, MSI GT735X, MSI GT740, MSI GT740X, MSI M1034, MSI M655, MSI M660, MSI M660M, MSI M662, MSI M670, MSI M673, MSI M675, MSI M677, MSI M677V, MSI MS1034, MSI MS1039, MSI MS1613, MSI MS1632, MSI MS1633, MSI MS1634, MSI MS1636, MSI MS1637, MSI MS163D, MSI MS1651, MSI MS1652, MSI MS1721, MSI MS1722, MSI MS-1432, MSI MS-1451, MSI MS-163K, MSI MS-1644, MSI MS-1651, MSI MS-1722, MSI PR600, MSI PR600X, MSI PR620, MSI PX600, MSI PX600X, MSI VR430, MSI VR430X, MSI VR440, MSI VR440X, MSI VR600, MSI VR600X, MSI VR601, MSI VR601X, MSI VR602, MSI VR602X, MSI VR603, MSI VR603X, MSI VR610, MSI VR610X, MSI VR620, MSI VR620X, MSI VR630, MSI VR630X, MSI VX600, MSI VX600X
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