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  1. Replacement For 19.5V 4.62A 90W Dell Inspiron 15R(7520) AC Adapter/Power Supply+Free Power Cord,New Charger For Dell Inspiron 15R(7520)

  2. Price: £

  3. £ QTY:2-10
    £ QTY:11-20
    £ QTY:20+
  4. Product Brand: For Dell
  5. Input : AC100-240V
  6. Output : DC19.5V 4.62A
  7. Power : 90W
  8. Connecter size : 7.4*5.0mm
  9. Item Includes : AC Adapter and Power Cord For Your Country

High-quality replacement laptop ac adapter for dell inspiron 15r(7520) that's designed to meet manufacturer specs.Carry extra light weight and handy charger to charge your laptop anytime and anywhere, place one at home, office and even one inside your laptop bag;
This is the dell inspiron 15r(7520) ac adapter with protective charging board replacement for dell notebook. It's quality is very good could compare with the original ac adapter, but it's price is much cheaper than the original. 100% brand new, high quality
This high quality replacement adapter provides your laptop with safe and reliable power. Plug in and use your laptop even without the battery,extending your laptop's batterylife. Besides 60 Days Money Back, it also enjoys a 1-Year Warranty. Try it RISK-FREE

  • Brand New Dell Inspiron 15R(7520) Charger,100% Manufacture Compatible!
  • Safety Standards: FCC, CE, RoHS, using highest quality materials to manufacture, fully compatible with the original laptops (models listed below), tested with strict quality control standards;
  • Quality Assurance: built with premium materials and undergoing strict QC process;
  • Product Safety: over-voltage, over-current, over-load, and short-circuit protection;
  • Power Efficiency: accurate Output voltage, steady power current and sufficient power output;
  • Electrical Noise Reduction with shield design inside the adapter;
  • The charger for dell has gone through rigorous third party testing to ensure its performance and safety. It conforms to the standards of the following organizations and certifications
  • 1 Year Warranty and 60-Day Money Back!
  • Replace Part Number:
    Dell 06KXKH, Dell 0928G4, Dell 0HN662, Dell 0J62H3, Dell 0TJ76K, Dell 1X917, Dell 2H098, Dell 310-2860, Dell 310-2862, Dell 310-3149, Dell 310-3399, Dell 310-4002, Dell 310-4408, Dell 310-4660, Dell 310-6325, Dell 310-6460, Dell 310-6557, Dell 310-7251, Dell 310-7441, Dell 310-7501, Dell 310-7696, Dell 310-7697, Dell 310-7698, Dell 310-7699, Dell 310-7712, Dell 310-7732, Dell 310-7734, Dell 310-7743, Dell 310-7744, Dell 310-7860, Dell 310-7866, Dell 310-8363, Dell 310-8814, Dell 310-8941, Dell 310-9047, Dell 310-9048, Dell 310-9049, Dell 310-9050, Dell 310-9134, Dell 310-9249, Dell 310-9375, Dell 310-9376, Dell 310-9438, Dell 310-9439, Dell 310-9757, Dell 310-9763, Dell 312-0578, Dell 312-0579, Dell 312-0596, Dell 312-0597, Dell 312-0942, Dell 320-1389, Dell 330-0732, Dell 330-0733, Dell 330-0945, Dell 330-0946, Dell 330-0947, Dell 330-1017, Dell 330-1069, Dell 330-1650, Dell 330-1825, Dell 330-1826, Dell 330-1827, Dell 330-1828, Dell 330-1829, Dell 330-1830, Dell 330-2139, Dell 330-2140, Dell 330-2143, Dell 330-2144, Dell 330-2146, Dell 330-2763, Dell 330-2963, Dell 330-2964, Dell 330-3530, Dell 330-3531, Dell 330-3614, Dell 330-3615, Dell 330-3638, Dell 330-3639, Dell 330-4113, Dell 330-4279, Dell 330-4280, Dell 330-4281, Dell 330-4310, Dell 330-4352, Dell 330-4577, Dell 330-5136, Dell 330-6313, Dell 330-7681, Dell 330-9047, Dell 331-0536, Dell 331-6301, Dell 450-10484, Dell 450-11168, Dell 450-11174, Dell 450-11618, Dell 450-11766, Dell 450-11852, Dell 450-11861, Dell 450-12043, Dell 450-12056, Dell 450-12100, Dell 450-12340, Dell 5U092, Dell 6KXKH, Dell 6TM1C, Dell 7W104, Dell 928G4, Dell 9T215, Dell 9Y6M1, Dell A065R007L, Dell AA22850, Dell AA22850-L, Dell AA22850-LC9551, Dell AD-90195D, Dell ADP-50HH, Dell ADP-65AH B, Dell ADP-65JB, Dell ADP-65JB C, Dell ADP-65JB.B, Dell ADP-90AH C, Dell ADP-90AH EB, Dell ADP-90VH A, Dell ADP-90VH B, Dell ADP-90VH D, Dell C026H, Dell C120H, Dell C121H, Dell C2894, Dell C440H, Dell C9551, Dell CF745, Dell CF820, Dell CF823, Dell CF825, Dell CF878, Dell CF989, Dell CM889, Dell D094H, Dell D232H, Dell DA65ND3-00, Dell DA65NS0-00, Dell DA65NS1-00, Dell DA65NS3-00, Dell DA65NS4-00, Dell DA90PE0-00, Dell DA90PE1-00, Dell DA90PE3-00, Dell DA90PE3-01, Dell DA90PS0-00, Dell DA90PS1-00, Dell DA90PS2-00, Dell DF261, Dell DF263, Dell DF266, Dell DF315, Dell DF349, Dell DF398, Dell EA90PE1-00, Dell F263H, Dell F7970, Dell F8834, Dell FA065LS1-01, Dell FA655NE1-00, Dell FA65NE0-00, Dell FA65NE1-00, Dell FA65NS0-00, Dell FA90PE0-00, Dell FA90PE1-00, Dell FA90PE2-00, Dell FA90PE3-00, Dell FA90PS0-00, Dell FF313, Dell GM456, Dell GN201, Dell GX808, Dell H856H, Dell HA65NE0-00, Dell HA65NE1-00, Dell HA65NS0-00, Dell HA65NS1-00, Dell HA65NS2-00, Dell HA65NS5-00, Dell HA90PE0-00, Dell HA90PE1-00, Dell HA90PE1-01, Dell HF991, Dell HN662, Dell HP-OQ065B83, Dell HR763, Dell HX648, Dell HX941, Dell J62H3, Dell KT190, Dell LA45NS0-00, Dell LA65NE0-00, Dell LA65NE0-01, Dell LA65NE1-00, Dell LA65NE1-01, Dell LA65NE2-00, Dell LA65NS0-00, Dell LA65NS1-00, Dell LA65NS2-00, Dell LA65NS2-01, Dell LA65NSO-00, Dell LA90PE0-00, Dell LA90PE0-01, Dell LA90PE1-00, Dell LA90PE1-01, Dell LA90PS0-00, Dell LA90PS1-00, Dell M5068, Dell M582J, Dell M585J, Dell MG688, Dell MK911, Dell MM545, Dell N2765, Dell N2768, Dell N560J, Dell N566J, Dell NADP-90KB A, Dell NF599, Dell NF642, Dell NN236, Dell NX061, Dell OWK890, Dell PA-10, Dell PA-10 FAMILY, Dell PA-12, Dell PA-12 Family, Dell PA-1450-01D, Dell PA-1650-02D2, Dell PA-1650-02DD, Dell PA-1650-02DS, Dell PA-1650-02DW, Dell PA-1650-05D, Dell PA-1650-05D2, Dell PA-1650-05D3, Dell PA-1650-05D5, Dell PA-1650-06D3, Dell PA-17, Dell PA-1900-01D3, Dell PA-1900-01DS, Dell PA-1900-02D, Dell PA-1900-02D2, Dell PA-1900-02D3, Dell PA-1900-28D, Dell PA-1900-D3, Dell PA-20, Dell PA-21, Dell PA-2E, Dell PA-2E Family, Dell PA-3E, Dell PA-3E family, Dell PA1650-06D3, Dell PC531, Dell PG423, Dell PG728, Dell PP02X, Dell R8D4D, Dell RF673, Dell RM617, Dell RM805, Dell RM809, Dell RX929, Dell T2357, Dell T7423, Dell TN800, Dell TR82J, Dell TW587, Dell TY886, Dell U6166, Dell U6564, Dell U7088, Dell U7809, Dell UC473, Dell W916G, Dell WK890, Dell WTC0V, Dell X324G, Dell X408G, Dell X590G, Dell XD733, Dell XD757, Dell XD802, Dell XJ6TM, Dell XK850, Dell XK921, Dell XKB50, Dell Y807G, Dell Y808G, Dell YD637, Dell YD644, Dell YD703, Dell YR733, Dell YT886
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