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  1. Replacement For 19.5V 4.7A 90W Sony VGP-AC19V37 AC Adapter/Power Supply+Free Power Cord,New Charger For Sony VGP-AC19V37

  2. Price: £

  3. £ QTY:2-10
    £ QTY:11-20
    £ QTY:20+
  4. Product Brand: For Sony
  5. Input : AC100-240V
  6. Output : DC19.5V 4.7A
  7. Power : 90W
  8. Connecter size : 6.5*4.4mm mm
  9. Item Includes : AC Adapter and Power Cord For Your Country

High-quality replacement laptop ac adapter for sony vgp-ac19v37 that's designed to meet manufacturer specs.Carry extra light weight and handy charger to charge your laptop anytime and anywhere, place one at home, office and even one inside your laptop bag;
This is the sony vgp-ac19v37 ac adapter with protective charging board replacement for sony notebook. It's quality is very good could compare with the original ac adapter, but it's price is much cheaper than the original. 100% brand new, high quality
This high quality replacement adapter provides your laptop with safe and reliable power. Plug in and use your laptop even without the battery,extending your laptop's batterylife. Besides 60 Days Money Back, it also enjoys a 1-Year Warranty. Try it RISK-FREE

  • Brand New Sony VGP-AC19V37 Charger,100% Manufacture Compatible!
  • Safety Standards: FCC, CE, RoHS, using highest quality materials to manufacture, fully compatible with the original laptops (models listed below), tested with strict quality control standards;
  • Quality Assurance: built with premium materials and undergoing strict QC process;
  • Product Safety: over-voltage, over-current, over-load, and short-circuit protection;
  • Power Efficiency: accurate Output voltage, steady power current and sufficient power output;
  • Electrical Noise Reduction with shield design inside the adapter;
  • The charger for sony has gone through rigorous third party testing to ensure its performance and safety. It conforms to the standards of the following organizations and certifications
  • 1 Year Warranty and 60-Day Money Back!
  • Replace Part Number:
    Fits Model:
    Sony PCG-GRX, Sony PCG-GRX51/BP, Sony PCG-GRX52/GB, Sony PCG-GRS71, Sony PCG-GRX72, Sony PCG-GRX520, Sony PCG-GRX520/B, Sony PCG GRX520K, Sony PCG-GRX520P, Sony PCG-GRX550, Sony PCG-GRX560, Sony PCG-GRX560/B, Sony PCG GRX560K, Sony PCG-GRX560P, Sony PCG-GRX570, Sony PCG-GRX580, Sony PCG-GRX580K, Sony PCG GRX580P, Sony PCG GRX590, Sony PCG-GRX590R, Sony PCG-GRX590RP, Sony PCG-GRX600, Sony PCG-GRX650, Sony PCG-GRX670, Sony PCG-GRX690, Sony PCG-GRX700, Sony PCG-R505, Sony PCG-R505BF, Sony PCG-R505D, Sony PCG-R505DL, Sony PCG-R505DS, Sony PCG R505DSK, Sony PCG-R505DSP, Sony PCG-R505E, Sony PCG-R505EL, Sony PCG-R505EL/B, Sony PCG R505EL/S, Sony PCG-R505ELK, Sony PCG-R505ES, Sony PCG-R505ESK, Sony PCG-R505ESP, Sony PCG R505GC, Sony PCG-R505GL, Sony PCG-R505GLK, Sony PCG-CCN2, Sony PCG-R505ELKIT, Sony PCG-R505ESKIT, Sony PCG-R505ESPKIT, Sony PCG-R505GLPRO, Sony PCG-R505EC, Sony PCG-R505G, Sony PCG-R505, Sony PCG-GRS, Sony PCG-GRS50/B, Sony PCG-GRS55/B, Sony PCG-GRS52V/P, Sony PCG-GRS70/P, Sony PCG-GRS72v/p, Sony PCG-GRS500, Sony PCG-GRS500/P, Sony PCG-GRS900, Sony GRS900/P, Sony PCG-NV, Sony PCG-NV55/BP, Sony PCG NV55E/B, Sony PCG-NV77M/BP, Sony PCG-NV90, Sony PCG-NV90E, Sony PCG-NV95EN, Sony PCG-NV100, Sony PCG-NV170, Sony PCG-NV170P, Sony PCG-NV190, Sony PCG-NV190P, Sony PCG-NVR23, Sony PCG-GRV, Sony PCG-GRV110, Sony PCG-GRV110/P, Sony PCG-GRV670, Sony PCG-GRV670P, Sony PCG-GRV680, Sony PCG-GRV88G, Sony PCG-GRV99G/P, Sony PCG-FR, Sony PCG-FR33, Sony PCG-FR33/B, Sony PCG-FR55/B, Sony PCG FR55E, Sony PCG-FR55E/B, Sony PCG-FR77E/B, Sony PCG-FR130, Sony VAIO PCG-71211M, Sony VAIO PCG-71212M, Sony VAIO PCG-71311M, Sony VAIO PCG-71312M, Sony VAIO PCG-71313M, Sony VAIO PCG-71911M, Sony VAIO PCG-71511M, Sony PCG-71213M, Sony Vaio PCG-7141M, Sony PCG-7142L, Sony PCG-7143M, Sony PCG-7144M, Sony VAIO PCG-61211M, Sony VAIO PCG-61212W, Sony VAIO PCG-61313L, Sony VAIO PCG-61314L, Sony VAIO PCG-61315L, Sony VAIO PCG-61316L, Sony VAIO PCG-61317L, Sony VAIO PCG-61411L, Sony VAIO PCG-61412W, Sony VAIO PCG-61611L, Sony VAIO PCG-61A11L, Sony VAIO PCG-61A12L, Sony VAIO PCG-61A14L, Sony Vaio PCG-7184L, Sony Vaio PCG-7Z1L, Sony Vaio PCG-7173L, Sony Vaio PCG-81114L, Sony vaio PCG-7154M, Sony Vaio PCG-3E2L, Sony Vaio PCG-3E3L, Sony Vaio PCG-7Q1L, Sony Vaio PCG-7R1L, Sony Vaio PCG-7R2L, Sony Vaio PCG-7134M, Sony Vaio PCG-5K1L
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